Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Book Review: Wheat Belly by Dr. William Davis

I read. Perhaps too much at times. I usually have 3 books I am reading, and 1 am listening to going at the same time. It seems nuts, but it allows me to have some diversity.
The recent non-fiction, health nut book I decided to read was "Wheat Belly" by Dr. William Davis.
Thing is, I didn't need convincing to not eat gluten. We have no choice with a celiac, and I know I feel like total garbage if I eat it. And we've decided that with two parents not doing well with gluten, our little one shouldn't eat it either. So that's done. But here I went, wanting more data.

Long story short, I recommend this book to anyone willing to read a health book (I know some people just don't do that - or don't want to face the hard facts that your health and what you eat are linked). Dr. William Davis does a good job laying out the connection of wheat to your health. It's pretty darn clear. People are not meant to eat wheat in it's present day form.

What do I mean by 'present day form'? Read the book - he has a whole piece about the evolution of wheat and why 1950 wheat is different than 2013 wheat.

There were 2 things I wasn't too fond of:
1. He recognizes celiac disease, but sort of glosses over it. So if you have celiac, this will be interesting, but it's not the book to help you understand what 'it' is and how to really live with it.
2. He actually recommends not eating any grains or legumes. His point is to strictly portion control if you do consume them, but that the impact to blood sugar regulation is strong and therefore it should be avoided. Generally though, I personally feel like unless you have a very sensitive gut, the benefits outweigh everything else.

So check it out if you are curious about why you might feel bloated, have achy joints, water retention, eczema, cholesterol issues or excess weight. 

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